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Civil Design, Land Planning, Permitting, and Site Plan Services

Civil Design, Land Planning, Permitting, and Site Plan Services

Chastain & Associates, P.C. has experience and expertise to help property owners and developers through all kinds of civil design, land planning, subdivision layout, and permitting projects. We can provide most necessary services in house but we also have an extensive and established network of subconsultants including soil classifiers, wetlands delineators, hydraulic/hydrologic engineers, and geotechnical experts. Large or small, we can guide your project from concept to completion.

Erosion, Sedimentation, & Pollution Control Plans (ESPC)

Development of almost any commercial or industrial sites and many residential sites requires preparation and approval of a set of plans related to grading, storm water management, utilities, access considerations, and erosion control. The requirements vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but many aspects are standardized throughout Georgia.

Land Planning and Subdivision Design

The typical subdivision requires construction of roads and extension of utilities. Planning must account not only for the engineering aspects of road slopes, building sites, and utility capacities, but also local zoning or land use restrictions. It is imperative to plan for the long term to create a development that will be a winner for all involved when the last lot is sold.

Minor Subdivisions and Commercial Divisions

Often the project includes dividing or re-dividing property around existing or separately permitted infrastructure. This too requires consideration of local regulations as well as the needs and requirements of the end users of each tract.

Stream Buffers, Wetlands, and Variances

Some projects require more complex permitting efforts. Stream buffers sometimes require variance applications in order to encroach into mandated spacing from streams. Piping stream beds or impacting areas that are identified as wetlands or “waters of the United States (WOTUS)” require special delineation and permitting through the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Other variances are sometimes needed if construction needs to be closer than the prescribed setbacks from property lines or to increase density, impervious area, or vary from parking requirements.

We encourage you to submit your information through our expedited online quote request form, but you can feel free to email or call our office also and speak to one of our experienced staff members if you prefer.   Chastain & Associates, P.C. is qualified and licensed to provide civil design services in Georgia and North Carolina. We can provide land planning and supportive consulting or surveying services in Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Alabama, and South Carolina.