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Property Disputes and
Expert Witness Services

Property Disputes and Expert Witness Services

Unfortunately, neighbors don’t always agree with each other. Sometimes these disputes pertain to property lines or property rights, such as set-back violations or storm water run-off. Most property disputes involve a distinct disagreement about the location of a property line. We have many years of experience in successfully working with attorneys and property owners for resolving property disputes. While most are settled out of court through negotiation or mediation, several wind up going to court. When it gets to that point, you want to be sure that you’ve engaged an experienced professional who won’t let you down on the witness stand.

The foundation of the best made case is to gain the fullest possible understanding of the matters that are or could be disputed. This may require extensive courthouse research, intensive field surveying, and sorting out a complex mathematical situation of conflicting deed elements. One of the most important aspects of expert witness services is to be impartial. We are committed to telling you the cold hard facts, regardless of if they are what you want to hear. If you have a strong winning case, you may want to proceed boldly, and feel less inclined to settle. However, if there are weaknesses in your case or position, it is far better to find them out through a private exercise than in a losing verdict at the courthouse.

We encourage you to submit your information through our expedited online quote request form, but you can feel free to email or call our office and speak to one of our experienced staff members if you need to. Chastain & Associates, P.C. has the experience and necessary training, equipment, qualifications and manpower to provide accurate and legal surveys in 5 states.

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Meet Our Experts

Mark Chastain has been engaged in the role of expert witness in over 100 property disputes. Most matters are resolved or settled outside of court, but his experience involves over 40 instances of sworn testimony in the court room, depositions, and in court ordered site visits.

Jeff Vick has also given testimony as an expert witness. Jeff has handled dozens of complex title insurance claims and property dispute surveys, including affidavits of professional negligence when applicable.

Their attention to detail, knowledge of the subject matter and procedures, and real life experience are invaluable when problems arise with your property.