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Residential Lot and Small Tract Surveys

Residential Lots and Small Tracts

The needs for boundary surveying can vary with each circumstance. Each tract of land is a unique surveying project and each client potentially has specific needs and expectations. For these reasons, we provide proposals customized for your needs. We encourage you to submit your information through our expedited online quote request form, but feel free to email or call our office to speak to one of our experienced staff members.

It is important to know that many, if not all, problems that arise with owning property could have been discovered through an accurate survey. Buying property without having a survey prepared on your behalf comes with certain inherent risks. For example, the property lines may not be where you have been shown. Overlaps or boundary disputes with adjacent property may not present themselves until later, and may not be covered by title insurance. Even reliance on a previous survey will rarely protect a new property owner due to privity of contract and statute of limitations.

If the new owner was not a client of the previous surveyor, there is a preponderance that the surveyor has no duty of care or contractual responsibilities with an unnamed third party such as a new owner. Additionally, each state has statute of limitations laws that bar liability by surveyors for damages caused by survey errors after a given period of time. In Georgia, this period is 6 years. We encourage prospective buyers to allow enough time and budget for a new survey to be prepared on their behalf before making a substantial investment in a piece of property.

Chastain & Associates, P.C. has surveyed thousands of lots within our core service area and beyond. We have the necessary training, equipment, qualifications and manpower to provide accurate and legal surveys in 5 states. Standard scope of service includes verifying or placing monuments (iron pins) at property corners, locating improvements on the property, and preparation of a plat that complies with the statutory requirements for property surveys. We have the flexibility to tailor the scope of service for your individual needs. Optional additions to standard services can include flagging or staking property lines, flood plain determination, and plat recordation with the county Clerk of Court, Register of Deeds, etc. Please help us understand any unique requirements at the beginning so that we can provide our services in the most timely and cost-efficient manner possible.

Understanding Surveys

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